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An Australian Summer Begins

By November 24, 2023No Comments

It has been a little while since my last blog, so time to rattle the keyboard again I guess. My typing is quite slow, so the keyboard does not get to rattle loudly. Since my last website blog we have been busy with horses, cattle and courses.

Whats Been Going On: We have had 3 home courses in the last 5 months, 2 of which were open to all and a private course for an agricultural company. Horses continue to come in for starting and foundation education. Our country and livestock, like all of us are waiting for rain.

As yet we have not got to putting next years schedule up on the website and that will probably happen in the new year. There will be home courses and away courses, so stay tuned for the schedule update.

I have put together a horsemanship article below, happy reading. In case a December Blog does not happen.

Rachael and I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you all for your support over the now many. many years.

When putting these articles together I try to make them of useful nature. A friend of mine told me a long time ago, David you need to read more to confirm your beliefs and understanding and to increase your knowledge and understanding.

I do get writers block and this is where videos perhaps say more than words. The video below is of a horse that I have started recently for a client. This filly is very intelligent and athletic and I am sure will have a successful future. She is also quite a sensitive horse and could also get to taking over as well.

Horses are very sensitive to movement and the horses eye is considerably quicker than the humans. Her sensitivity to movement is also what will make her a very athletic cow horse.

While she already shows a strong interest in cattle, with a horse that is still very green with a little over 20 rides on. I prefer to get her confident with situations like the flag and swinging a rope and riding outside. With a filly that is small and slight in build, I am also conscious of not over riding her. By keeping things slow and as she gains in strength and confidence, her ability will shine through when she does get in front of a cow.

In case readers where wondering about the baling string, it is a means of helping a horse that may be inclined to put their tongue over the bit. It will not always prevent it, just makes it a little difficult. The audio is poor with the video, but maybe the footage is helpful. My back cinch is also very loose due to not having a smaller one available.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.