Experienced training for an ever changing world

In today’s world, companies and organizations are often faced with the challenges of dealing with an ever changing world which often means the ongoing training of staff and employees. David has over the last 12 years worked with companies, organizations, and individuals, through giving educational demonstrations and or seminars to enhance further practical training of staff or employees that operate within the equestrian industry or are involved with horses.

This may often take the form of conducting an educational demonstration or seminar for the employees of an agricultural company in a remote area of Australia or the grooms of a stable complex in Dubai. To then giving an educational demonstration at The British Horse Society’s Annual Spring Instructor Conference as was done in May of 2006.

The aim of such seminars is to help companies and organizations better train and educate staff and employees to be more knowledgeable and proficient when handling and interacting with horses.

Training tailored to your needs

Training may be in the form of an educational demonstration or seminar/ course that is tailor made to suit your company or organizational needs.

Courses may vary in length and topic depending on the needs of your company or organization and can address safety needs or specific issues pertaining to your companies needs.

If you would like more information on how David can assist your company or organization with practical and educational training of your employees then please forward all enquiries to [email protected].