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An October Update

By October 24, 2022No Comments
As per previous blogs, there has been no slowing down. The young horses and cattle side continue to keep me busy with a couple of more horses arriving before Christmas. We have also had a home course recently, this was a 2 day green horse course.As mentioned in previous blogs for those that keep showing up over time, everyone makes progress.
We have also filmed and edited more videos for next year for the Art of The Horseman Online Horse Fair. I would like to think that we are slowly getting better at this whole process. Understanding technology and the language associated with and what is available to use, is quite a process.

Whats Coming Up; In a couple of weeks there is a 2 day course at Anstead Acres in Brisbane, if you go to the website course schedule you will see contact details. In December I am back in Western Australia at Horsemanship First for 10 days. We have a great venue and facility and great people.

Hopefully by the end of November, maybe sooner, the website will have a small merchandise page. ( This is something we are just starting with and over time, we trust things will grow.) There will also be an educational element as well.

The image above is an enamel mug that we have had branded up. ( “Lenny”, the kelpie is not for sale. )

Trailer Loading is non denominational. Regardless of what discipline you follow, or what you do with horses. If you own a horse, chances are, that you are at some point going to have to put your horse on a horse trailer.

Understanding that horses by nature are claustrophobic, fearful of small enclosed places.

Check that your trailer is safe to travel your horse and that there are no sharp edges inside or outside that are going to catch a halter of injure a horse.

Preparation; do not wait until you need to travel your horse on the trailer. It is not about the trailer so much as it it is about the preparation for the trailer. Does your horse leads well – Does your horse tie well.

The images below may not appear to have much to do with trailer loading. As a result of these horses being able to confidently go through a stream or under a hitching rail, it helps them to become more confident with the trailer. While the above may not answer every question about trailer loading or travelling your horse in a trailer, Hopefully it does gives some insight. As was said to myself on occasions, “Confidence is knowing that you are prepared.”