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Unbelievable, the sun has come out to play in England, what a difference to last years summer. I am now halfway through my U.K. time and now starting my second week of the second intake of young horses with all having had 6- 7 rides. Prior to this intake of horses I was travelling the country from Lancashire to Liverpool finishing in Shropshire with a 3 day horsemanship course at Chris & Trevor Kynaston facility in Whitchurch. The image to the right is of one of the horses from the first intake of young horses in the U.K.

In recent courses I have spoken about how horsemanship can at times seem like “a slow boat to China” What happens if you don’t get on the boat then what. Some of my peers would often speak about the lesson is repeated until learnt. Today many would prefer a direct answer, that is no guarantee that you have understood the lesson. The lesson may well be more important than the answer. Equally the horse learns what he lives and lives what he learns. Many of us have heard these words before, what the horse asks of us is that we live these words.

In the first weekend of January next year The Legacy of Legends event will come to Tamworth, N.S.W., Australia. This event has been held in Las Vegas for the last 2 years and aims to preserve the horsemanship and teachings of Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance. Buck Brannaman will be one of the presenters and there will also be Australian presenters involved as well. Buck is also holding a course after the event. I urge everyone to get behind and support this event. Scholarships have also been handed out over the last 2 years for more information on the event please go to the website

Towards the end of this week I back with the polo horses in West Sussex with the Wades, it is always a lot of fun with these guys.

With the sun having been out for the last 2 weeks , there may well have been a record set for the most hay made in the the U.K.