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An Australian Summer

By October 3, 2016February 21st, 2018No Comments

MapMarkerIt has been a few months since my last website blog when I had just landed in the U.K.  It was a very busy time in the U.K. with young horse intakes and clinics etc. On my way over to the U.K. and also on the way back to Australia  I caught up with my good friends in Dubai.

13770456_1136956626346561_3920706874958095756_nWhen I am in Dubai I get to spend a little time at one of the Royal families private stables that my  good friend Juan manages. To be able to offer a little assistance to the professionals that work in these stables is always humbling. Equally to see the improvement that has been made over time is very rewarding.

In recent clinics I have really tried to differentiate the difference in pulling and holding the horse in a frame and riding the horse forward into a frame. Often what is natural for the human is not for the horse and vice versa. As a result in many cases you see examples of where the rider is fighting the movement of the horse through their riding and by pulling back on the reins. Modern day dressage appears to now be an example of where riders at the top level are really moving with the horse and being rewarded for doing so.


_MG_7177Balance ,Collection, Suppleness are all words that are spoken of around the dinner table, it is being able to be an example of the words that we speak that is more difficult. As I reflect back over the years of my own teachers I really believe that they were examples of their words.

Presently I am in Western Australia holding a 5 day course, in the next few weeks I will be in Braidwood, NSW. It has been many years since I was last in Braidwood so I am looking forward to catching up with many old and new friends. After that I will be in the Sydney area briefly and then in Victoria. If there are any that are wanting lessons or horses ridden please email me at [email protected]

I do try and keep my website schedule updated with changes and additions to my young horse intakes and course schedule. With my Australian schedule now underway I look forward to visiting with both old and new friends along the way.