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I have now been back home in Australia for a week. It is quite a contrast to have the dust flying again and be feeding cattle after my travels through the U.K and Europe. To date, we have had 170 ml of rain for the year and that would be more than others. While stopping over with friends in Dubai I had the opportunity to go on a Dessert Safari. The image below is of a little bit of Dune Bashing, thankfully we did not get stuck in the sand and then there was the night entertainment as well. While crowd participation was encouraged thankfully it was not always necessary. Thank you Juan for your hospitality.

Thank you for all the support on both the U.K. and Europe courses and to those that sent horses to the young horse intakes in the U.K. I  trust that everyone is getting along a little better with their horses. Below is also a: whats coming up: and a horsemanship article on: Trailer Loading ( Please click on the read more at the bottom ) 

Whats coming up:

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Aust – A.C.T. – Green Horses

OCTOBER 12, 13, 14

It is a common occurrence where riders get their horses started and then are faced with; what do I do next.  How do you progress to developing a dependable saddle horse.

To apply for the course, please email the course host:  Cheryl Le Mesuriers at [email protected]

Green horses is not age specific as you can have a 10 year old horse that in terms of advancement is still a 3 year old.  This course is for those riders with green horses and includes both a ground and ridden element to the course. It is about advancing your understanding and knowledge on both the ground and under saddle. Learning what to do if your horse gets tight under saddle when you are riding and how to better prepare your horse on the ground.



Trailer Loading: Is one of those things that most are probably tired of reading about. Yet it is relative to us all, you can be a dressage rider, a polo player, a cutter, you work on a cattle station or ranch or you are a happy hacker. Trailer loading is relative to us all, and at some point you are going to have to load your horse into a trailer. There are a lot of ways to get your horse onto a trailer. What is the correct way, ask your horse. It also going to depend on the trailer that you have and the situation that you are in. Should you get inside the trailer, or stay outside, again it depends on the situation.

If you have good preparation before you start to trailer load, that is going to help both you and your horse. In other words have your ground work prep in order. Horse are not great in enclosed spaces, and if you can get the horse to see the trailer as a good place and let down that is also going to help you when you are traveling your horse. The image below is not of trailer loading a horse, but a cow, on a cow working course. In this case where you do not have a halter on the cow, you would take the pressure off the cow when she was thinking about going into the trailer. I have done the same with loose horses as well that where not halter broke and also with a few cows as well.

It is still surprising how many people have issues with trailer loading their horses. If we would all get our horses to load a little better it would probably help a lot of other situations as well.