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I arrived back into Sydney – Australia late last night, having had stop overs in Spain & Dubai. With a shortened overseas schedule it is the first time that I have been back in Australia at this time of the year for many years. The irony is that as I have escaped the rain falling in the U.K. it is much needed within rural areas of Australia.

I am looking forward to starting my Australian schedule this weekend at Picton just outside of Sydney with a 2 day course at Full Circle Farm At the beginning of October I have an intake of young horses, that is now full.

It has been great to see the improvement in riders throughout the year. It looks like many are now starting to get more depth to their knowledge and this is being reflected in their horsemanship. I have spoken a little over the year about “It is not the answer that we must know but the lesson that we must learn.” That is not to say the answer is not important but the lesson learnt is what gives you more understanding. In recent conversations during courses I mentioned we would well to check our egos and insecurities at the door. Whatever labels others gives us is not important to the horse.

In my recent newsletter I spoke about the importance of having a good walk both on the ground and when ridden with your horse. This may well be a gait that we are always striving to improve. From feeling the rhythm and tempo of the walk when your horse leaves the yard to that of when coming home. Counting cadence with your horse’s feet will help you to develop your feel and timing. Most cases when the walk is good your horse will have his pole at wither height and will carry you in the gate without you having to kick and push to keep him going. The stride length will be good and your horse not jogging in the walk. You can get a lot done at the walk and the trot and your horse will not “wear out”. Things may not start out as you would like, but you keep fixing.