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October – November News Update

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The End of the Day and an Australian Sunset

It is good to now be back home in Australia and it has been a very busy October with young horses and courses. Scott O’Malley from New Zealand also came across for two weeks. He was on hand for the Horsemanship and Cow Working course in Nebo at home. He did create some banter from the locals, while having the last laugh with the rugby. The October intake of young horses were varied , with two of the horses not having any prior handling.


Working one of the unhandled young horses from a saddle horse.

This is not unusual in rural areas, horses from rural areas will often not have had a lot of interaction with humans and often will lack confidence around the human and our environment, their self preservation will be close to the surface. Horses from urbanised areas are often more sure of the human but perhaps have become a little to familiar and learnt some things that they would be best not to know.

This year I have tried to highlight the importance of having horses that are confident in the human and have good ground manors. We would like our horses to respond with respect but without fear. This comes from the horse understanding what we are asking. In the images to the left I am using a saddle horse and lariat rope to work with two of the horses that were not “halter broke.” The saddle horse also gives the young horses a little more confidence  and gets to see a rider from above. The lariat rope is a little like a halter and lead but not as forgiving and you will have to understand your positioning to the horse a lot more.

The month of November is now upon us and I have more horses in.  (There are a couple of spaces still available in the December young horse intake due to a couple of cancellations.)   This weekend I have  a course at home in Nebo for one of the zones of the  Queensland Pony Club, the Qld State Pony Club has really tried to highlight the importance of developing the horsemanship of all that are associated with the pony club and they are to be congratulated for taking this initiative . As many will have heard me say countless times that if we make our goal to develop a good saddle/ riding horse the rest is so much easier. In order to develop that good saddle horse you are going to need to work on yourself and your horsemanship.


Another young horse from October’s intake

Next week I will be back in the South Island of New Zealand for a week long course, details can be viewed on the course schedule of my  website, this is a horsemanship / cow working course. On my return from New Zealand I have the last intake of horses for the year.

Over the next few weeks, I will be updating the website course schedule with new courses for 2015. For those that are interested in hosting a course for next year, please contact me at [email protected]